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We Fight Careless Driving Tickets

Since 1990, we have been helping countless Canadians in the Toronto region defend themselves against careless driving charges. Don’t let an innocent mistake cost you your licence. Protect your driving privileges and record. Call today for more information on what your legal options may be to defend against charges of careless driving.

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We Fight Speeding Tickets

In Ontario, when one receives a speeding ticket, their initial thought may not be how to fight it. In fact, most Canadians simply choose to pay the fine and then move on with their lives. Despite that, this is precisely the opposite of what most legal professionals recommend.

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We Fight Hit and Run Offences

“Hit and Run” is the term most people use when they call us for a “fail to remain” or “fail to stop” charge under the Criminal Code. “Hit and Run” is not an actual offence. Rather the offences for not remaining at the scene of an accident are “Fail to Remain” under the Highway Traffic Act and “Failure to Stop” under the Criminal Code. The Highway Traffic Act and the Criminal Code provide as follows…

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We Fight Distracted Driver Offences

Distracted driving charges are on the increase in Ontario and the government is issuing increasingly harsher penalties for those that are convicted. The fines and penalties have grown to multi-hundred dollars tickets and fines, with subsequent distracted driving offences possibly resulting in license suspension. These types of charges are sometimes pursued unfairly and mistakenly accepted by the accused, resulting in a permanent mark on their driving record.

Traffic Ticket Paralegals Providing Representation Across Ontario

If you have been charged with a driving offence and are in need of licensed paralegal services, our team of highly dedicated and experienced paralegal professionals are willing to defend you in court. Even if you feel that the charges against you are justified, it does not necessarily mean that you will be found guilty in court, therefore you should consider fighting your traffic ticket. Please contact us today to speak with one of our paralegals, and they will be happy to discuss your legal options with you.
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Always Available

The Drivers Defence Team is available to our clients by phone or email. Contact us if you have a ticket that needs defending.

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Our Traffic Ticket paralegals take the defence your tickets seriously. Hire us and we will start fighting for you.

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Our goal is to always get you the best possible outcome for your minor or major
traffic offence.

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Traffic Ticket Defence Professionals You Can Count On

When you need a defence for traffic tickets, we can help you fight the charge. Be it allegations of speeding, careless driving, racing or stunt driving, or any other traffic ticket, one of our paralegals will gladly review your case and provide you with a half an hour free consultation. There’s a reason why people throughout Ontario continue to come to us when they need a traffic ticket defence team. We have dedicated our resources to defending those charged with highway traffic act offences. Every paralegal working with us is armed with thorough, up-to-date knowledge for providing the most persuasive, quality defence you can have.

We know how overwhelming it can be when you’re charged with a traffic ticket, and we’re aware of what it’s like to not know where to turn. In fact, that’s partly why we began our firm –  to provide resources and knowledge to those in need. We have had the privilege of defending countless clients who had been charged with driving offences throughout Ontario. If you wish to retain our services, we are just a mere phone call away, and we would be happy to speak with you. As your Traffic Ticket Defence Professionals, we are committed to to advocating zealously on your behalf as we seek to obtain a favourable result.

Why Fighting a Speeding or Any Other Traffic Ticket is Sometimes Necessary

Everyday Ontario drivers across the province receive speeding and other traffic tickets. Though some people might not give a second thought to paying off the infraction, traffic tickets can add additional costs to your existing insurance and create licensing issues onto your existing insurance. That’s not something you want to take lightly.

The process of trying to navigate the court system can be time-consuming, frustrating, and can be a tedious task when doing it alone. There can be a multitude of legal issues pertaining to traffic tickets that not everyone is aware of. Admittedly, you save on legal costs when taking care of a traffic ticket on your own; however, the results may not be worth the time.

When you hire a licensed defence paralegal to fight your ticket, you increase your chances to win. Retain the paralegal services of our firm today and rest assured that you will have dedicated professionals committed to advocating on your behalf.

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Protect Your Insurance and Save Demerit Points

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A clear majority of traffic tickets come with demerit points and can negatively affect your insurance premiums. Even if your traffic ticket does not carry any demerit points, it can still affect your insurance rate. Our traffic paralegals spend their days at court handling serious driving offences, armed with the knowledge and skills needed to help people across the province. When you need a defence team that really “knows their stuff”; has many years of experience dealing with traffic tickets, speeding tickets, stunt driving, careless driving, drive under suspension, drive without insurance, and any other serious or minor Highway Traffic Act offence, then we are the team you want on your side.

Protect your insurance, save your demerit points, and choose a team who is knowledgeable and experienced in fighting traffic tickets. Providing a dedicated, knowledgeable and hard-working defence team , we handle clients from across Ontario, including the Toronto region, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Mississauga, Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph, London, and more.

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