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CVOR charges and traffic tickets are no joke. As someone with a commercial vehicle operator’s registration, you will be entered into a monitoring system that tracks your safety performance. As it pertains to any convictions, reportable accidents, and ministry interventions, they are all documented on your record. Depending on how accidents, convictions, and inspections are documented, the result might affect your driving points in some very big ways.

Please note that some CVOR charges come with both demerit points and CVOR points. The latter will vary from zero to five in severity. There are several laws that, when broken, come with CVOR points which include any driving offences under the Criminal Code of Canada, the Dangerous Goods Transportation Act, the Public Vehicles Act and Registration, and the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and Regulations. What’s even worse is that when a driver has too many CVOR points to their name, this may result in a Ministry of Transportation audit which could thereby return more charges.

Needless to say, CVOR charges add up rather quickly. If you have been charged as a result of an audit or have been issued a traffic ticket, consider hiring a licenced paralegal to fight for your rights in court. Since 1991, we have successfully fought thousands of CVOR charges. There are many reasons why we believe you should fight CVOR tickets and commercial motor vehicle offences. Law enforcement officials are notoriously very aggressive in prosecuting, imposing weighty fines which could be as high as $50,000. In addition, a conviction may come with a license suspension and possibly even jail time. The list is long, regarding how much damage CVOR charges can cause.

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There is no reason to not challenge a traffic ticket or CVOR charge, when so much is at risk. Some of the more common CVOR charges are linked to a vehicle’s mechanical fitness, inconsistencies in a driver’s logbook, CMV inspection logs, load securement, and adherence to the appropriate rules and regulations. Light offences such as improper muffler, seatbelt offences, and obstructed window carry 1 CVOR point charge. Medium offences such as failure to surrender license, improper license, over-weight, over-widget, and over-length offences carry 3 CVOR points. Finally, moving violations including careless driving, turn not in safety, unsafe moving, stop sign, and traffic light offences are all 5 CVOR point offences. Be it for an employer or for a professional driver who is in trouble, we are here to help. Do not put yourself at risk when there may be a better way to challenge and appeal CVOR charges.

Tap into assistance from traffic ticket paralegals providing representation across Ontario. As licenced paralegals with experience in each of the CVOR offence categories mentioned and others, we can help in providing the highest quality representation in court. Regardless of where you live in Ontario, the region where the court case is taking place, and where the original offence took place, we can help save a lot of time, money, and struggle. Our Senior paralegal has nearly three decades of experience, and we will work hard helping people combating CVOR charges.

Contact us today for a consultation and we can look over the facts of your case, ensuring you are provided an adequate defence heading into court. Though there are no guarantees, we will do everything within our power to ensure charges are dismissed, or that any damage from a conviction or ticket is handled appropriately.

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