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Grazia Condello
Grazia Condello
Josh Gabriel
Josh Gabriel
Even as a former ticket agent(before legislation), I still refer to these guys for all my ticket needs! Amazing service all around!
Jeff King
Jeff King
Frank Alfano did what he does best ....WINS!!!! Thanks for the help. If you have private or commercial ticket problems this is the man to contact.
Nikita Sha
Nikita Sha
Thank you very much for the service and the best price that exists in Canada..)))
Sergey Ka
Sergey Ka
Thank you to Oksana Dulin and Frank Alfano for your wonderful service! You did a great job. Highly recommend this professional team!!!
Patty Craig
Patty Craig
Many thanks to Frank Alfano and Greg Burd who argued my speeding ticket case!!!! They argued for an abuse of process which resulted in a stay of proceedings. This means that there will be no conviction no demerit points; and no fine to pay. I've known Frank for a long time and I know he has over 25 years experience in fighting traffic tickets - I'm so glad I contacted him when this happened
Idan Tarsky
Idan Tarsky
I highly recommend the Drivers Defense Team. If you have a recent conviction, you have to call these guys. I've used other "specialists" and have gotten reduced points and fines but the conviction stayed on my record. Every case that I have given to the guys at Drivers Defence Team has gotten fully dealt with... no convictions,no points, no fines! I personally worked with Oksana. Can't thank you guys enough. -Idan
Neal Burstyn
Neal Burstyn
True story: I had 2 traffic offences 1) distracted driving and, 2) expired licence. I had close to $700 in fines not to mention the possibility of my insurance rates going through the roof!!. I hired Frank Alfano to deal with my case, which was adjourned to todays date. I showed up late due to GPS mixup and found out that my cases were thrown out. The officer was late and therefore no evidence could be used to support the charges against me. If I didn't hire Frank I wouldn't have had someone to represent me and in turn; have the case thrown out! - Thank you Frank and Drivers Defence Team!
Armin Ber
Armin Ber
Charlie Paw
Charlie Paw
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Drivers License Reinstatement

There are many things we can do for you. Really, it depends on what is triggering the suspension.

Unpaid Fine Suspensions

The most common cause of a suspended license is an unpaid fine. Unpaid fines don’t have to be a life sentence for your driver’s license. We can negotiate a payment plan.

When a fine becomes due, it triggers some enforcement mechanisms. These mechanisms can suspend your license, tack on fees, end up on your credit bureau. All these negative consequences can be avoided or minimized with a proper application to extend your time to pay.

You could try to do this on your own, but this is one of those things you should get help for. The court will give you a form. The form doesn’t let you completely explain your situation, your reasons for default, or what the proposed plan is. No. You get 3 lines to make a case. We will draft a global application, covering all your fines, we’ll add supporting documents and propose your application as a payment plan. You may have fines in multiple court locations and a Justice seeing only 1 will not provide a clear picture.

Some of the benefits of us putting together your payment plan for fines is that we know how to structure it, we can read ICON prints, we understand different means of enforcement, and we can tailor your application to your unique situation.

If your driver’s license is suspended for unpaid fines, click here to fill out an unpaid fine assessment form and one of our paralegals will get in touch with you.

Medical Suspensions

A medical suspension on your driver’s license can creep up without warning. There are different ways in which a medical suspension can be triggered.

Police, who suspect you may suffer from a condition which affects your ability to drive, can send a form to the Ministry of Transportation. Police are not medical doctors, so the Ministry will send you a letter to be checked out. If you don’t get a satisfactory medical assessment before the due date, the Ministry of Transportation will suspend you. Indefinitely. Until you do.

If you’re taken to the hospital, or even just seen by a doctor who determines your ability to drive is affected enough to be a risk to the public, he/she will send a medical report to the Ministry of Transportation who will then suspend you until you get the condition treated.

Doctors letters usually involve a seizure, a black out, or high intake of alcohol. The range is quite large, and the Ministry of Transportation has a policy manual on how they deal with these.

We can help you bring a LAT Appeal. LAT is the License Appeal Tribunal and we can help you present your case to get your license reinstated. We will examine and assess your case by looking at what the doctor actually saw, did, why he diagnosed you as he/she did, and have you sent to another doctor for a second opinion. The first doctor could have been wrong.

We will organize any tests you need, package your Appeal in a straightforward manner and put forward the best case we can to get your driver’s license reinstated. Click here to send request.

Family Responsibility Suspensions

If you have a support order against you and FRO (Family Responsibility Office – The nice people who collect for your former partner) gets a suspension order for the arrears you owe, you will be suspended. In order to get your license back, you will need a family lawyer. We can put you in touch with one. A family lawyer we refer you to, can help you organize and sort out your family issues and get you back on the road. Click here to send request.

Demerit Point Suspensions

If you accumulate a certain number of demerit points (depends on the class of license), you could have your driver’s license suspended. We can help you review your record and see what entries can be reopened, appealed or negotiated to get you back on the road.

ADLS Suspensions

If you have been charged with an Impaired Driving related offence, there is a 90 day ADLS (Administrative Drivers License Suspension). Just because you got an ADLS does not mean it is over.

There are 2 grounds of Appeal for an ADLS. They are:

  1. Identification, alibi, impersonation defence
  2. Medical excuse on a Refuse Breath Sample

The lawyers at Neuberger & Partners can help you with the Impaired charge, and if you qualify for one of those grounds, we can help you with your LAT (License Appeal Tribunal) Appeal.

Click here to send your request.

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