Learn What to do When You Are Charged With a ‘Fail to Report Accident’ Offence

The failure to report an accident or failure to remain at the scene of an accident are very serious charges. As the police solicit a response from the accused, they may be tempted to make an admission of guilt or to provide information that may lead to a conviction against them. We suggest consulting a paralegal representative before a word is spoken to the police.

When being investigated for fail to report an accident or fail to remain at accident, it is easy to unknowingly reveal key information that may lead to a conviction. This makes it all the more important to solicit the services of an experienced paralegal. In most investigations, the primary purpose will be to confirm that the accused was the driver at the time of the accident. There may be tricks and techniques used to pull this information from the accused, sometimes unlawfully. It is for reasons like these that a professional must be contacted.

Since 1991, we have experience at fail to report and fail to remain cases. We know the ins and outs of these investigations, and are more than willing to do what we can to help. In any investigation, there must be proof that the accused was the one who committed the offence. That is not something always provable yet those who go into court alone and without the resources to fight these charges may end up seeing a conviction against them when there did not need to be. At worst, this may include a sizeable fine, a prison sentence, a significant and permanent impact on one’s driving record and insurance rates, and a permanent black mark against them in the eyes of the law.

You May Need Professional Representation to Fight a ‘Fail to Report Accident’ Charge

Police officers make mistakes sometimes, using techniques that are unlawful to procure information. In addition, sometimes there may simply not be enough evidence to prove a conviction. Needless to say, it is within your rights as a Canadian to seek a licensed paralegal prior to speaking with the police and in entering the court room. Having the right team to assist you through the many processes that one has to go through is key to acquiring a verdict that satisfies all parties. By contacting an experienced paralegal, you are making the decision to put your best foot forward and will have someone there for support throughout the investigation.

It is never too late to hire a professional defence team, we recommend as early in the process as is possible. After all, this is something that will be retained on your permanent record, having significant long-term consequences.

The first step in defending a failure to report or failure to remain is in blocking the stream of information that is going unfiltered to the police. Then, we can examine the case objectively and provide the different options that may be available to you. Throughout more than three decades, we have successfully argued many cases under this category and there’s no reason that we cannot do something for you. There may be no guarantees however whatever ways there are to minimize or eliminate the potential consequences of a conviction, we will pursue it.

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