Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to all you traffic ticket questions. If you don’t find the answers you need here, feel free to contact us.

Why should I fight a traffic ticket?

Convictions end up on your driving record. Insurance companies look at your driving record to assess your premiums. What you pay for car insurance is affected by traffic tickets.

Why is the fee more than the fine?

It’s not always that way. Lawyers & Paralegals bill for their time. Retaining someone requires you to weigh the cost of the fees against the cost of conviction or other consequences.

Can you guarantee I’ll win?

Nope. No way. Wish we could. There are a few firms who have what are referred to as “We Win or It’s Free” policies. They don’t actually guarantee a complete win and there’s usually a non-refundable portion of the fee you pay as well. If you’re considering someone who is “guaranteeing” the result, read the agreement carefully. We do guarantee the following:

  • We’ll do our best
  • We’ll do all that we can
  • We’ll be honest in what you can expect, including the likely outcome.

Will saving points stop my insurance from going up?

No. Your insurance company can use any conviction which appears on your record to assess your premiums. Many offences which carry points are still minor offences. See our blog article here.

How long will demerit points stay on my driving record?

Demerit points will be on your record for 2 years from the day of the offence but they will not be recorded until there is a conviction. If you win, there is no conviction and no points will be recorded.

How long will a conviction be on my driving record?

There are 2 types of records. 1 is what the police use. Convictions are there forever. Your insurance company sees what is called a “Driver’s abstract” which shows convictions for the last 3 years.

Can I Defend Myself?

Well…you could, but you may later wish you hadn’t. Some charges like failing to surrender documents, or administrative charges can be resolved depending on where you’re going to court and don’t require our help. We’ll tell you if we can be effective for you at the first consultation. If it’s a case that you don’t need our help for, visit our Blog page for some free information to help you defend yourself.

At my First Consultation, can you tell me what will happen?

Not likely. We need to get “disclosure” (What the prosecution intends to use) to assess your case. We may know some preliminary options but really, it’s too early to tell.

Will I have to come to court?

Again, too early to tell. In most cases you won’t have to come to court. Occasionally you will. We can discuss this at your first consultation.

How much will you charge?

It’s difficult to say without knowing what the charge is. We use simple block fees in stages and we have no hidden costs. We’ll explain our fees upfront and there will not be any surprises. Our fees are competitive.

Do you have a price match policy?

No. We value the work we do. So should you. Your driving record is important. Our primary paralegal has been practicing since October of 1990. That’s a lot of experience. If the fee is your biggest worry, we’re not the firm for you. Don’t leave your record to the lowest bidder.

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