Don’t Panic! Running Stop Sign Tickets are More Common Than You Think

Stop sign violations are one of the most common traffic tickets issued by law enforcement in Ontario.

By hiring a professional driving defence paralegal who has experience in stop sign violations, many Ontario residents find that it may be possible to minimize the damage and/or eliminate a conviction altogether. By hiring Drivers Defence Team, we can analyze the facts of your unique situation and provide the best possible defence walking into court. There is no reason this is something you have to do alone. Let us argue on your behalf, using our resources, and knowledge. And we will work hard to provide you with a strong defence.

If a motorist is convicted of a stop sign violation, the penalties they may receive from the Ontario courts include three demerit points, a permanent conviction which will remain on one’s driving record for life (3 years on an abstract), a hefty fine, and an increase in their insurance premiums. In many cases (although not all) stop sign charges can be reduced or defended outright, which could help keep your driving record clean. While there’s never any guarantee, it is our ultimate goal to provide the most positive resolution of our clients.

We Use Great Strategies to Fight Stop Sign Tickets

Even in the event of evidence in support of a conviction is strong, there may still be opportunities to limit the damage. It may be possible to keep someone free of conviction and demerit points, even when it seems impossible. The last thing we want to see is any Ontario resident walk into court without a paralegal and accept charges that should have been dismissed. Every day, unfortunately, this happens. There is no reason to accept a stop sign offence as a mistake. Allow a professional licensed paralegal provide a defence that ensures every avenue is tried to support your driving rights.

Since 1990, we have experience in such cases. If you have been charged with a stop sign violation, we can help. We have studied the legislation, have knowledge of how law enforcement work, and have a track record of success. When we work alongside clients, they are provided with all the resources required to help keep them on the road and have their driving record be kept clean of convictions. Any concerns or question you may have about stop sign violations and what your options may be, we would be happy to answer those for you.

When it comes to stop sign violations, much of the time the evidence is limited and it may come down to what a law enforcement officer saw. The applicable defences to stop sign violations vary. At times, lacking in evidence and/or evidence that does not conform to the legal requirement may be enough. In some cases, when it comes down to an officer’s observations against your testimony, there may be enough in cross-examination and setting out legal arguments to see a chance of a successful dismissal. For a stop sign ticket consultation, please get in touch today and we would be happy to assign a licensed paralegal to your case immediately.

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