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In Ontario, when one receives a speeding ticket, their initial thought may not be how to fight it. In fact, most Canadians simply choose to pay the fine and then move on with their lives. Despite this, it is exactly the opposite of what is often recommended.

The consequences of a speeding ticket is not just a fine. A speeding ticket may also mean demerit points and higher insurance rates. Paying a fine is the same as pleading guilty. It’s an admission of guilt. Then, when it’s all said and done, that speeding ticket will remain on one’s driving record indefinitely (3 years on a drivers abstract). This is precisely why, in the vast majority of cases, fighting a speeding ticket in Ontario with an experienced paralegal is ideal. Consulting with a licensed paralegal who knows the ins and outs of the law, the accused can receive the guidance they need to make an informed decision on their ticket.

To be clear on the definition of a speeding ticket, a Canadian may be charged any time they have travelled in excess of the speed limit – whether the speed signs are visibly posted or unposted. As speeding ticket court cases have progressed in Ontario over the years, it is not a defence to argue a speeding ticket based on having a broken speedometer, by mistake of fact, by misreading a posted speed limit, and/or by not recognizing or realizing a vehicle having increased speed while going downhill. To beat a speeding ticket, it requires a more accurate, and effective defence than these. Things are not always as they appear and if there are inconsistencies we believe we can use in favor of someone being charged with a speeding ticket, when hired, we will work our resources to ensure you are protected.

Receiving a Speeding Ticket Doesn’t Equal a Conviction

To those fighting speeding tickets in Ontario, we will work hard to provide you with a strong defence. Believe it or not, there does exist the opportunity for speeding ticket charges to be dismissed and/or to have consequences minimized. By far, among all the driving charges we focus on, speeding tickets are among one of our most popular services and it is also one of the most frequently contested in the province. Throughout more than three decades, we have culled together simple, effective strategies at handling speeding tickets. These strategies ensure that the rights of the driver are protected and that they are adequately supported in front of an intimidating criminal justice system.

Challenging a speeding ticket without the help of a licensed paralegal can be tough. A speeding ticket is oftentimes issued using data from highly accurate technical devices. Therefore, success in defence depends upon having a technical understanding of these devices in addition to knowing where other errors could have been made.

Since 1990, we have qualified in dealing with speeding tickets in Ontario. When we are retained, we can carefully review your case and provide an honest, up front opinion and what steps you can take to move forward in order that we can proceed on a good footing. The consequences of a speeding ticket may not have to be the reality of a conviction. Allow us to assess the unique facts of what happened and prepare an individualized defence that maximizes the outcome in your favor. It our ultimate goal to not only have any charges, fines, and/or penalties reduced, but also to have one’s ticket dropped completely. That said, there are no guarantees. What we will ensure however is that you have a great defence going into court to face any speeding ticket charges.

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