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Stunt driving and racing charges, in the event of a conviction, can have serious implications. But you can come into court with an experienced and dedicated defence team by hiring a firm that focuses on stunt driving and racing charges. There’s no reason to wait – contact us today to receive a free quote and half an hour consultation.

There are never any guarantees in any case, our paralegals will work hard to present your case using strategies which have proven to work in the past. We will try to put our best foot forward for you.

Stunt driving and racing charges may include offenses related to speeding more than 50 km/h over the posted speed limit; road rage such as chasing another vehicle down the roadway; repeatedly cutting in and out of lanes; driving while not in the driver’s seat; street racing another vehicle in which there is a bet or wager; driving a motor vehicle with the intention to lose traction; driving a motor vehicle with the intention of lifting all or some of the tires off the roadway and driving a motor vehicle with the intention of doing donuts (circling the car and losing traction with the back wheel).

The penalties related to stunt driving and racing charges are very, very serious. You could receive up to a $10,000 fine, six months in jail, a two-year license suspension, probation, in addition to seeing your insurance coverage skyrocket. This is not the kind of thing you want to pass off to the cheapest legal service. Though the defence can be costly, having adequate licensed paralegal representation ensures you are being advised properly to minimize and mitigate the risks and consequences involved.

The Great Strategy to Defend Against Stunt Driving Tickets

The legal system is complex.

Every day, we defend clients who have been charged by the police in the province of Ontario for driving-related highway traffic act offences. If you are seeking to have charges withdrawn or dismissed, of if you are seeking an adjournment, guilty plea reduction, or need any assistance with trials and appeals, we are a good defence team to help. Every case is different, requiring its own analysis and legal advice. Investing the time and money in hiring good licensed paralegals can greatly minimize the consequences that you may have to face. No case is too big or too small, and we’d be happy to provide you with your options.

We are one of the Toronto area traffic ticket defence paralegal firms with a major focus on and experience in stunt driving and racing charges. We know how defending yourself against stunt racing driving charges can be intimidating. There’s no need to walk into court alone – have a professional on your side.

For nearly three decades, our senior paralegal has been handling some of the most serious traffic offences and driving-related charges in the province. Any case that is under our direction and supervision receives exceptional attention to detail; we weigh all possible options and work with you to determine what outcome best fits your needs.

Stunt driving and racing are not minor offences. Anyone seeking to defend is advised to use a licensed paralegal to do so. Receive advice and consultation on what strategies could be used to secure the resolution which works best for you.

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